Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Challenge Yourself And Compete

While promoting and marketing our own work is an essential component of success we must not let it distract us entirely from our main focus.
First and foremost we are writers and authors and what do writers and authors do? They write. What is the point in me exhorting you to self publish and self promote if all of your energy is diverted away from your primary function

That is why this week I want to encourage you to test yourself  by entering a writing competition. No, I don't have a particular competition in mind but I will throw out a few suggestions later. Yes, I know competitions can be a hassle and at the end of it the vast majority of us experience the writers worse nightmare . . . REJECTION! So why do it?
  • Deadlines cultivate discipline. There is no putting it off until tomorrow.
  • Competition parameters stimulate creativity.
  • Free and objective quality feedback is invaluable in helping us grow as writers.
  • Kudos to be gained from winning or being commended.
  • Financial and other rewards.
I recently entered the Cardiff International Poetry Competition so I am not asking you to do anything I don't do myself. Poetry is not really my thing but I will still be gutted if I don't even get a mention! Promise I will publish my poem for you all to scrutinise as soon as the results are announced!

Here are some competitions you may want to consider:

MAY 2012 (Get your literary skates on!)

Templar Poetry Pamphlet & Collection Awards 2012

British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition

BBC National Short Story Award

Welsh Poetry Competition

JUNE 2012

Dark Tales Short Story Competition (Run regularly throughout the year)

There are lots of competitions out here to suit everyone's taste. Just Google them.
Go on give it a go and test yourself.

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