Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My Festive Gift To You

Apologies for being away so long. I hope to get back refreshed in the new year to provide a showcase for Indie Authors.

In the meantime please accept my Christmas gift, hopefully you will find it an uplifting message for these troubled times in which we live.


Here's what others said:

“A remarkable modern adaptation” Frances Scanlon – Entertainment Sec, New York City Bar Entertainment Committee,  Manhattan December 2012
 “What a wonderful message to remind ourselves of,” Michelle Vrabel (US).  

“I loved it!!!” Paivi Lokard (Sweden)
“Some great imagery. . . I loved it!” –  Nigel Crowle (Author BBC Wales) 
“If you loved #Charles Dickens you’ll love this book,” KnownAsJane (US)
 "God Bless Us All This Christmas"