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Horror - Back To Basics.

One of the main reasons I set up Kindle Authors was to try and help other Indie authors in any way I could. That’s why occasionally I come up with ideas like the Authors Lottery that hasn’t received much support (IT BOMBED!!!). So let’s get back to basics.

Who loves a good horror story? If I could see you I imagine a whole lot of hands would be raised in the air. That analogy sort of gives away my teaching background doesn’t it? As a retired teacher it’s great to meet former pupils who still want to talk to you. It’s even more rewarding when one of them proves to be a very talented young writer of Gothic horror stories.

Paul Worthington’s short story entitled ‘Six for Supper’ is shortly to be included in Issue 2 of Eto. I was thrilled when I read it and feel sure that if the Pan Book of Horror Stories was still going strong ‘Six for Supper’ would be included. Here’s a brief extract: 
“The bodies lay about fifty metres apart in a ditch that ran alongside a country lane. A man and a woman both in their early twenties probably a couple, their lives brutally and prematurely ended. The ferocity of the attack was evident due to the victims torn clothes and the several deep gaping wounds present on each corpse. The chalky white gravel that lined the ditch had splatters of blood all over it; the blood had an eerie glow under the moonlight. It was 7.25pm on the 10th of February 1928 and on this secluded path that linked two tiny peaceful villages lay the fourth and fifth victims of what could only be a madman. The local constabulary had no suspects and no clues. . . “
There are lots of talented writers working within the horror genre waiting to be discovered.
Two of them are featured below:

Adrian Lilly

 Below is an extract from'Th e Arrangement' a free fiction story you can read from Adrian's blog.

“Lucy did not need to remember the full moons and the monster they made her; the mornings after, and the looks on their faces told her everything. And each time she changed, the walls of the vault became more gouged and pummelled so that she doubted Jared’s assertion that they “could use it until we find a cure.” Lucy feared that one day the door would rip from its hinges and she would awake with them dead, and no memory, just a new morning of regret.”
The Wolf in His Arms is Adrian'a latest novel and available at these stores:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Amazon UK

"Werewolves are forming the ultimate pack—and only one family can stop them. The Wolf at His Door: Book One of The Runes Trilogy is a “multi-layered and unpredictable” novel that “oozes brilliance” and builds to “an absolutely epic ending.”

You can also find Adrian on Facebook.

Mike Yowell

Excerpt from The Dogcatcher:

"This time the bullet hit its mark.  Clearing the half-open window, the slug buried itself into the neck of the werewolf, knocking the beast to the ground.  The purity of the silver instantly attacked the monster’s vile, diseased blood, and spread quickly throughout its body.  Fuelled by the successful shot, Slant kicked the door open and leaped from the vehicle.  He stood over the creature, watching while it growled and writhed in pain, confused as to why it was dying."

The Dogcatcher 2 is Mike's latest novel currently available on Amazon.
Below are some more of Mike's novels:

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I haven't completely given up on the Author's Lottery. I still think it could give authors a boost at no cost to themselves. There is no obligation if you subscribe to the free Twitter Author's Marketing Course (top right) - just very useful information.

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