About Me

I don't know about you but I always like to know who I'm talking to. Especially if that person is trying to give me advice on something.

Let me be honest from the outset, I am not an expert on self publishing on the Amazon Kindle. But hey, at this point of time who is? This is a whole new world for established and aspiring authors alike, not to mention twitchy publishers.

My back ground is education. I was a primary school head teacher for 27 years. My particular passion was researching and developing the most effective methods for enabling effective learning. I travelled as far afield as New Zealand to study new approaches in the classroom. I don't believe I have a predominant learning style but, like most people, I learn best when I am highly self motivated.

I have always had a love of writing. This I chanelled into writing play scripts for children. Several of these scripts won national competitions including a BAFTA award. My interest in publishing on the web has its roots right back when the internet was in its infancy. I had created a multisensory program designed to introduce math to young children and wanted to make it available world wide to anyone who was interested.
It has been a long and eventful journey! As Churchill once said in probably one of the shortest speeches ever:

"Never give up, never give up, never, never, never!"

Since retiring I have concentrated on developing as a writer and Amazon Kindle now provides an opportunity I could never have imagined all those years ago. I intend researching every aspect of digital publishing including promoting and marketing. This is a vital area for self publishing authors. Your book may be the best ever written, but if no one sees it no one will know.

Many people like Amanda Hocking have been phenomenally successful already. Be assured I shall be delving deeply into this vital aspect and will share what I learn for our mutual benefit.

If anyone wants to know more about the math program visit: www.helpyourchildsucceed.com

I have already published my first novella, 'A Christmas Carol Revisited', on Kindle.
You can get more information about it at www.achristmascarolrevisited.info.

My vision is to develop this blog into a self help community for Kindle authors from those thinking of dipping their toes in the water to others already sailing out on the deep.