Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Get Yourself Heard

Firstly hello, welcome and for those of you who choose to become members, thank you. It's good to have real people to relate to.

I imagine that you have subscribed to this blog either because you are interested in writing, self publishing or gaining more information about how to promote and market you book, product or whatever.

I took some time to read your bios and I have to say I feel quite humbled. We have creative people from all walks of life. Some of you are already published and some of you will be pretty soon. Good luck. If you would like to promote your book on this blog let me know. Just email me at

Have you ever thought about creating an audio book? Audio books are very popular and there is a site that will help you create and publish your audio book for free. The site is called Podiobooks.

Here is a web shot of the Authors Guidelines Page:

Audio books are made available from the website in serialised format. There is no cost but anyone using this free service is encouraged to donate and the author gets 75% of the donations. See below:

There is another site that will help you create and publish an audio book but unlike Podiobooks this is definitely not a free option. The site is

An audio extract can also be an effective means of promoting your book. All you really need is a half decent microphone and access to a powerful and free software called Audacity.

Click on the logo to visit the download page.
Audacity also provides video tutorials to help you get up and running. They cover:
  • Audacity for Teachers - Installation and Basic Editing. Targeted at teachers, but applicable to anyone. Includes companion video (screencast).
  • Making Ringtones
  • Vocal Removal There is no magic bullet to solve what is in theory an insoluble problem. In practise there are various ways to try and trick your ears into thinking you have succeeded.
  • Creating a simple voice and music Podcast with Audacity
  • Mixing stereo tracks to mono in your Project

    Transferring tapes and records to computer or CD
    • Setting up Audacity with USB turntables
  • Recording audio playing on the computer
  • Splitting recordings into separate tracks for export as individual files thence burning to a multi-track CD.
  • How to burn CDs by exporting the correct type of audio file then using burning software
  • Exporting your Audacity Project into iTunes and iPod
  • Recording Church Services, and some tips about recording in a church and worship environment.
  • How to import CDs
  • How to import files from iTunes
YouTube has a good selection of Audacity video tutorials to browse through.

When I was interviewed on BBC Radio Wales back in November they played an extract of my book, A Christmas Carol Revisited, they had converted to audio. It was really effective. You can hear the extract and part of the interview if you visit my Fanpage HERE.

Prior to the interview Roy Noble, whose show it happened to be, played Tom Jones' track Sex Bomb.
My 5 year old grandson thought it was me (!!!) and said to his mother. "Why is Grampa on the radio talking about sex?"

In this blog I am going to focus on books and publishing that's why I have created a new blog to focus on internet marketing that can apply to any product or service as well as any book you may wish to promote. We are currently looking at Facebook fanpages.

In the next blog we'll take a look at how Google may be able to help aspiring authors support themselves in a dynamic environment.

Thanks for your company.

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