Friday, 25 July 2014

Adding Tabs To Facebook Pages - Your Book's Shop Window

This week we look at Tabs and how we can set them up to engage your visitors so that hopefully they will become fans. I decided to create a new page for two reasons:
  1. We can go through the process together.
  2. This page is about a specific book I am in the process of writing. So no worries about me trying to badger other authors into buying it!
 The time to start looking for an audience is not after you've written your book and maybe published it but while you are still toiling away writing it. You may be thinking:

 "Is this guy really a writer? Doesn't he know I don't have enough time to write the damn thing without wasting my energy trying to promote it."
It's not really about time, it's about motivation. Think how much more motivated you would be if you knew there were already fans waiting to read the finished article.

Enough of the motivational stuff, let's get down to business. The next thing we want to do is add a tab to our Facebook Fan Page.
This short video will show you how to set up your first Facebook Fan Page Tab:

If you need to then watch this video a few times until you are comfortable with how to add a tab to your Facebook page. Hardly 'Gone With The Wind' but it should get you there. It's possible to add up to 12 tabs to your Facebook Page but I'm guessing many of you will require less.

Scroll down your page and you should now be able to see your Welcome Tab:

What we are going to do now is add more Facebook Page Tabs. 
First watch this brief video then click on the link below and try it for yourself. 

Add as many Tabs as you want as you can always delete or change them later. 
Click on ADD TABS to start adding tabs to your Facebook Fan page. 

The next thing we can do is change the tab image so it reflects our brand, book or genre. Because Billy and the Pit of Shadows is the first in a series I want to create an image that people will identify with. To do this we use one of the free tools we looked at last week - SuperResizeMe

We need to create an image that is exactly the same size as the Facebook Page Tab image.  The dimensions need to be 111 x 74.
Follow the steps outlined in the first post of this series only this time choose 111 x 74. 
Once your image is ready save it your Desktop or the file you have prepared.
This is what mine will look like:

As you can see I've simply resized my profile picture. Now just follow the steps in this next video to change the Tab name and image.

If you have the old Facebook Page layout then watch this video.

You have now begun to brand yourself just by using the tabs.
In the next post we'll look at what content we can add to the tabs using Static HTML.

See you then.

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