ETO Submission Guidelines

Before submitting to eto please read the following post to ensure your eligibility: Exciting News For Welsh Writers

Eto Submission Guidelines, 14 January 2013

What do we want?

Eto seeks original, short fiction and poetry by new and established authors.
Eto will publish approximately ten short fiction pieces and one to three works of poetry per edition.

We're open to any genre or none at all. Violence and sex are all right if it improves the story but no gratuitous gore and no porn. Gratuitous gore and porn are in the eye of the beholder and, in this case, we are the beholder, we know it when we see it and reserve the right to refuse any story.

 We're very unlikely to accept work that is "preachy" or focused on current political issues or hate speech against cultural, racial, political, religious or gender groups.

At the moment, there are just a spare few of us editors. We don't promise to publish everything we get but we will read it and respond by email, as quickly as we can. It may take us awhile, so please be patient.

  Cover letter: Include your real name, pen name if you're using one, contact information, a bio up to five paragraphs and a profile image that we can include with your piece. Images must be .jpeg and should be grayscale and no more than 1200x1200px (they don't have to be square, just no dimension greater than 1200px) and at a resolution of 300 to 600 dpi.

   If we run your story, we include a first page bio with image and information on your other work and where readers can go to get it. Feel free to give us your publisher's info for this page or or page link, your own website link social url (Facebook, twitter) - whichever, or all, you would like listed on your profile page.

  Submission length and format: We accept only electronic submissions to of 3,000 to 6,000 words for short fiction. We do not accept novels, only short fiction.

  Please send cover letter with plain text documents or word documents with NO formatting beyond normal, correct grammar and paragraphs. Unless you're doing an Oulipo piece, please don't use indents or justified margins, no multiple fonts, we'll do all of that. All internal pages are black and white, so colored fonts are but for naught, please don't use them.

Rights and Compensation: Authors retain full ownership and copyright of their own works but by submission, you grant us a limited right to publish your work and to reproduce your work in the edition of eto magazine for which it has been accepted for sale and for subscription and to offer reprints of your story for sale or subscription in that edition of eto magazine for which it has been accepted.

We accept only original submissions and reprints IF THE RIGHTS TO THE REPRINT HAVE REVERTED TO THE AUTHOR. By submitting previously published material, you affirm that the copyright of this material has reverted to you and it is free of any and all other commitments that conflict with the rights you give us.

We accept simultaneous submission but we ask that you withdraw your submission if it has been accepted elsewhere. If we accept your submission, you withdraw it elsewhere and do not submit it elsewhere for six months after the date of our publication.

We're happy to have have multiple submission from the same author, provided that they are original stories and not multiple versions of the same story. Only one work by any author will run in a single edition of eto.

  How to Submit:
Please send your plain text document to

  Withdrawal Policy: To withdraw a submission for any reason, you must give us notice in writing, by email addressed to and noting "WITHDRAW (YOUR TITLE), (AUTHOR NAME)" in the subject line, at least one month before publication. AFTER PUBLICATION, WE CANNOT WITHDRAW ANY WORK. IF YOUR WORK HAS BEEN PUBLISHED BY US, IT CAN'T BE WITHDRAWN. These guidelines are subject to revision without notice. The last date of revision will be posted at the top of this page.


  1. If our story were to be accepted, would we receive a contributor's copy with our work in it?

    1. Normally we send pdf's but if you specifically wanted a hard copy I'm sure we could oblige :)