Saturday, 29 December 2012

Time To Take A Tip From JANUS

In case you didn't know Janus is not another celebrity spawned by Big Brother or the X Factor, he's actually an ancient Greek god. The month of January is named after the said god who actually is often referred to as 'the god of beginnings'. The fact that he is looking back as well as forward is significant. At this time of year that is exactly what most of us tend to do.

The New Year is often a time for personal reflection. A time to look back. A time that evokes memories and emotions, some welcome some not. A time for looking in the mirror of yesterday before gazing into the swirling mists of tomorrow. Janus seems to say before you embark on new beginnings look to the past for inspiration or motivation. Are there lessons we have learnt? Mistakes we are resolved to never make again? Opportunities we will no longer ignore? Bridges we need to build or burn?

The purpose of this blog has been to help and encourage indie authors in their lonely and sometimes agonising task. Just as women suffer in childbirth so does the writer committed to the process of creation. We also dream that our 'children' will make their mark in the literary world and while we dream we also fear for them and for ourselves. So if there is one solitary piece of advice I have found has served me well it is 'too thine own self be true'. Write what pleases you. Be unique. Find your own voice and others will listen.

  Next week I will look back at all the services, gizmos and methods I have mentioned in this blog over the year and give you an honest opinion of their worth. I sincerely hope you all had the Christmas you wished for.

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  1. Child birth...I feel something like that now. Not nearly as painful of course but still frustrating.