Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lets Hear It For The Teachers

In schools up and down the country there is a hive of activity underway. Stress levels are high and artistic tempraments strained to the breaking point as rehearsals for Christmas nativity plays and productions hit full swing. Headteachers and Prinicpals everywhere lock the office door, take refuge in darkened stockrooms or tinker with the photocopier as they vainly attempt to avoid harrassed staff and the inevitable post-production confrontations.

Every year, whether as a headteacher, parent or now grandparent, I never cease to marvel at the energy, talent and dedication displayed by teachers as they juggle their top heavy workloads and still manage to produce something special.

Inevitably there will be hiccups. As when the innkeeper magnanimously proclaimed there was plenty of room in the inn. Or the occasion when one of the shepherds drop-kicked the lamb into the audience and completely stole the show. One of my very favourite moments was when the three kings got lost in one of the adjacent classrooms and a search party had to be despatched while the angels waited impatiently in the wings. So, particularly at this time of year, lets hear it for the teachers!

Teaching has to be the most influential profession of all. For most of the year we entrust the most treasured possession we have into their care. We trust them with the future of our nation expecting them to be role models, mentors and inspirational guides. Often maligned and subjected to the dictates of politicians with their own personal agendas they persevere to do their best for the children in their charge. I have to smile when those in power pontificate that schools and teachers should have high aspirations for children and ensure they instill a 'can do' attitude. I agree they are absolute prerequisites for success but they seem to ignore their own advice when their favoured method of dealing with the teaching profession is to berate and set up structures that enable schools and children to be laboured as failures.

What has all this to do with writing? It is good to know that many teachers from diverse backgrounds are also authors or bloggers. Not only do they provide a very positive role model but they are also invariably inspirational individuals we hope our children are fortunate to come into contact with.

Below are just some of the teachers who have turned their hand to writing in various capacities. Some are retired, some have become full time authors and all come from very different backgrounds and write in a variety of genres. One thing they have in common is they deserve our warm appreciation so please click on their image and get to know the writer behind the teacher. You will not be disappointed!

Let's Hear It For The Teachers . . .

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Carol  Ekster
  Shane Paceli
Robin Woods
Susan Breen
Andrew Cowley
Caroline Russell
Rhys Chamberlain
Patrick Egan
J Thomas Ross
Claire Evans
Megan Hands
Daniel Kenyon
C L Davies
Greg Gagliardi
Stephanie Thomas
Stephen Ames Berry
Barry Cooper
Jules Carey
Jane Freeman
Cathy Czepiel
James Vernon
David Fleming
Dicy McCullough
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Over the next few weeks I am going to be very busy painting backdrops for nativity plays, standing in for Santa in several local schools and attending my grandson's various concerts. I have also been invited to New York as a guest of The City Bar Entertainments Committee who are sponsoring a concert reading of 'A Christmas Carol Revisited' for charity. Unfortunately I doubt if I will have the time (or money) to be able to attend. I will try and get another couple of posts out before Christmas but it will be difficult and I make no promises.
If you have any nativity stories please post them to me at and I will feature them. THANKS

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  1. Thanks, Phil for this uplifting blog for teachers. Also, thanks for the nice surprise. I appreciate you including me.