Monday, 4 August 2014

How To Add Custom Content To Your Facebook Fan Pages

Last week we looked at creating custom Page Tabs for your Facebook Fan Page. Now its time to learn how to add custom content to your Facebook Fan Page.

I know many authors will have an issue with spending time promoting rather than writing. It's a valid point - or is it? Why should you waste your time learning how to add custom content to your Facebook Fan Page?
Well let me be blunt.

Very few of us will catch the attention of mainstream publishers simply because they aren't looking our way any more. Their focus is almost predominantly on established authors. Unless you promote your work no-one else will. Many authors, myself included, have taken to social media sites like Twitter. I use it myself regularly but not like these authors from my Twitter Feed who are probably doing themselves more harm than good.

Their books may be absolutely terrific but the fact is most people are turned off by this blatant 'in your face' kind of promotion. If your book is as good as theirs then doesn't it deserve some tender loving care in promoting it effectively? So let's start by adding content to your custom fan pages.

This video will get us started with our old friend STATIC HTML:

Hope you found this post helpful and are now able to add custom content to your Facebook Fan Pages at will!  There is a lot more to come.

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