Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Halloween Special.

Halloween special Some time ago I wrote a blog post entitled "Need Inspiration? Dig Where You Stand." If you never left your city or town during your lifetime there would still be countless 'touchstones' to inspire your imagination.

Every child has a unique perspective on the world. Sometimes they allow us to catch a glimpse through their eyes if only we are sensitive and attuned to the rich and fantastic worlds they inhabit.

When I decided to write a children's fantasy novel I realised I neded to bring these two aspects together. The biggest challenge by far was attempting to once again become the child I left behind long, long ago. The child who spent a whole day collecting dinosaur bones in a sack that turned out to be those of a sheep. The child who with his friends explored the entrance to old colliery levels that pitted our encroaching mountains sides imagining them to be portals to dark mysterious worlds.

Recently we took our grandson Ewan to visit Llancaiach Fawr, an old Tudor Mansion. A talented group of actors ensure that with each visit you are transported into the past. What memories Ewan will hold of the place in future years I cannot say but such is its unique atmosphere that you are always half expecting to encounter a ghostly spectre down each dimly lit corridor.

Billy, my fictional child, is taken on a school visit to Miskin Manor which bears a striking resemblance to Llancaiach Fawr in almost every respect. Many of the children eagerly anticipate encountering ghosts. Some are not so enthusiastic but Billy knows if anyone is likely to meet a phantom presence it will be him because Billy is not like other children

Here then is my Halloween offering:
A 'Billy and the Pit of Shadows' Halloween Special
Download 'A Promise of Ghosts'.

Download Here.
Enjoy ghost stories. What about an update of Dicken's Classic Tale set in contemporary Manhattan?

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