Monday, 7 January 2013

HELP! I've Been Detweeted!

If you are a regular or casual visitor to this blog you will know it has one primary function - to support other independent authors. Maybe you are one of the many writers I have featured this year. You may even have found some of my advice helpful. The fact is NOW I NEED YOUR HELP.

Twitter has suspended my account and with it obviously the names of all the authors and writers who were also Followers. This means my future plans to feature many more of you as we explore various genres have been suppered - for now.

Science Fiction was the next genre I intended focusing on but now all the names of the relevant authors have disappeared back into the Twitosphere from whence they came. It would be a great help if you could follow me once again by clicking the @ETO_Wales button to the right.

If you read last week's blog you will know that ETO is a new magazine for Welsh writers, Welsh based writers and writers who have a love or connection with Wales. Because it is very much a niche area I winkled out some Welsh Twitter authors and was apparently over zealous in contacting them. Although they were happy to be informed Twitter took a dim view and despatched me to the naughty corner.

I understand the need to protect from spammers who either want to help enlarge various areas of our anatomies or reduce others. However this blog has always sought to be constructive and supportive of other Twitter uses. Isn't that what real communities are supposed to be about? Just check my previous posts if you need confirmation.

This blog will continue to support Indie authors from all over the planet so please do not be put off by the @ETO_Wales tag. It would be a tremendous expression of community if you would refollow and if you have any friends who are authors, established or aspiring, encourage them to follow too and help give me my wings back.

A big THANK YOU in anticipation.

Phil Rowlands


  1. Followed. I don't know what's wrong with Twitter - a bunch of bird brains if you ask me. Good luck in 2013.

    1. Thanks Debra. You get an honrary mention in my next post.

  2. Tweeted this post a few times from AmeriCymru. Hope I didn't overdo it :)

  3. Shocked. Shocked! I got an x-rated tweet from one of my fellow twits and no one knocked them out of their nest. In fact, they are still happily tweeting. Even life in twitterdom doesn't make any sense. Following you back from Canada! Good luck and thank you for all you do!

  4. Thanks Diane. It's really heartening the way you and others have rallied round. You also get a mention in despatches!

  5. I'm not at all Welch (that I know about), but I'm following you anyway. I think there's a kinship here somewhere.

  6. Tweet tweet! I mean I'm following you again. :-)