Friday, 14 September 2012

Your Best Promotional Tool - A Great Story

The ability to read fluently is probably one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. Reading enables us to see with the eyes of our imagination beyond the mundane and the ordinary where there are no limitations.
Edison declared, "I never think in words only pictures."
Like Lucy we can stare into the shadowy depths of the wardrobe and glimpse strange and magical worlds.

We can leap into the breaking surf and stand alongside Achilles as he gazes up at the shimmering walls of Troy and dreams of immortal glory.

We can shudder in dark underground caverns as we huddle alongside Bilbo Baggins and listen in terror for the flapping of webbed feet on the cold hard floor.

To deny children entrance to these worlds is nothing short of a crime. That is why your greatest asset as a writer is the ability to write a great story. The power to capture the imagination and send the reader into strange new worlds or back into the distant past while engaging their emotions and intellect is nothing short of magical. It is also an ability that is becoming rarer and therefore even more precious.
The movie industry is crying out for great stories. The advances in technology such as computer generated imagery have enabled producers to bring epic stories to the screen in ways we could never have imagined just a short time ago. Conversely there are a plethora of movies where special effects is king while story has been consigned a minor role.
Listen to what Robert McKee has to say in his fantastic book 'Story'.
"Good story means something worth telling that the world wants to hear. Finding this is your lonely task." He makes a very insightful observation when he says," A culture cannot evolve without honest powerful storytelling" "The love of story", according to McKee also embraces, "The love of the dramatic. . . The love of truth. . .The love of humanity. . .The love of sensation. . . The love of dreaming. . . The love of humor. . . The love of language. . . The love of duality. . .The love of perfection. . .The love of uniqueness. . . The love of beauty. . . The love of self - a strength that doesn't constantly need to be reassured, that never doubts that you are indeed a writer. You must love to write and bear the loneliness."
 As independent self-published writers it is essential we promote our work but without these qualities our work will not stand the test of time. Let Robert McKee's words be a call to arms for us all.
 This week we delve into the world of fantasy. I am currently writing a paranormal fantasy for children of all ages and one thing struck me as important. I needed to root my story in the familiar before branching out into the unexplored. Free chapters are available from this blog.

So this week's featured authors are from the fantasy genre:

Here are some of our talented Fantasy Indie Authors

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