Friday, 10 August 2012

The GENRE WARS Have Begun

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I thought this was a serious blog?

Believe me it is! I am very serious about supporting Indie Authors. Gathering together talented Indie Authors writing within the same genre is a powerful way of creating a buzz.
People who enjoy reading about Vampires and Zombies don't just stop at one book.

There is a simple yet highly effective marketing principle at work here. Have you ever wondered why restaurants in city centres are often clustered together? It's pretty obvious, to provide choice and attract customers. The same principle applies to books.

Twenty four Google+ Pages related to different genres have already been established. In the near future will be launched. Our Vampires page, for example, will feature all the authors listed above with links to their books and blogs. Dynamically updated feeds will provide visitors with hourly  news items on Vampires. Authors promotional and teaser videos will also feature along with the best videos within the genre from YouTube.

Links to our Google+ Pages are going to have a dramatic impact on Google's SEO in the near future. Currently I am only working with Twitter Followers so if you would like to be involved please follow me on Twitter.

Please encourage your Vampire and Zombie loving friends to visit this site and vote.

There are no Featured Authors this week apart from those above.
Next Week we'll let the dust settle on the first round of the GENRE WARS and let you know who will be next up.
We will also take a closer look at our work in progress Indie Authors.

Vampire and Zombie Novels by Indie Authors

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