Sunday, 15 January 2012

Why You Can And Should Be A Kindle Author

Are you one of those people who think they have a book in them?
So why isn't it written yet?
Most of us could write a book of excuses for almost any area of our lives. In fact I'm thinking of writing one for my own particular sporting passion. It's going to run to at least three volumes.
What is probably the #1 excuse we make?
I would be willing to bet it would have something to do with time. It's an old one but a goody. 

 If you really want to do something you will find the time. 
Ok, at this point some of you may want to leave because you have better things to do with your . . . whatever.
For those of you still determined to become an author what better place to start than Amazon's Kindle?

  • Gone is the hassle of trying to find an interested agent - an endangered species if ever there was one.
  • Gone is the never ending search for a publisher that will actually accept unsolicited manuscripts.
  • Gone, the sickening thud on the doormat as your rejected manuscript is unceremoniously dumped at your dejected feet.
  • Gone the daunting prospect of having to write the next War And Peace. Amazon Kindle are now actively looking for shorter stories and novellas. Seems we no longer have the 'you know what' to read as much as we used to.
My first incursion into Kindle territory was a novella just over 60 pages long. A modern take on Dickens A Christmas Carol. If you are interested you can get more information at 
The point is I wrote a book, published it on Kindle and have already made some sales. 
The purpose of this blog is to encourage and help you do the same.
Let's see if I can provide you with some incentive and motivation.

There is a revolution taking place in the publishing industry. Mainstream publishers are getting seriously concerned. 
Many established authors are bypassing them completely and choosing to publish direct on Kindle.  
Why are they taking this route?
Because ebooks are becoming more and more popular while sales of printed books are falling.

According to the Publishers Association there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people buying and downloading electronic books. This, they state, is due to the increasing popularity of eReading devices like Amazons' Kindle and Apples' Ipad.

According to the Daily Mail (UK, 4th May 2011 ) in 2010 sales of ebooks rose by 20% to £180 million. Sales of printed books dropped by 3% compared with 2009. This is a trend that is likely to accelerate with the inevitable appearance on the market place of more reading devices and inevitably more competitive pricing.

If you have a passion for writing you now have easy access to a global audience that is growing exponentially year on year. Last year for example, for the first time ever,  in the U.S. Amazon sold more digital titles than paperback print.

What should you do now?
Start writing.

Over the coming weeks I'll take you through the 'How To' of publishing on Kindle. All you need to do is write something that can be published.

Don't worry about the obscure technicalities of formatting your finished book for the Kindle as I'll show you how its done using free software.

On the sidebar you notice I am offering the original text of Dickens A Christmas Carol formatted for the Amazon Kindle. I would like you to download it and see what it looks like. Using the free software I will tell you about next week you will easily be able to format your work ready to publish on Kindle. The book you are about to download was formatted using this free software.

You will need to unzip the folder using a Winrar or WinZip etc.
Download a free trial copy of Winrar here. Select HERE. WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 4.10 beta 5

The last two pages in the book have been inserted to as an example of how to promote any other books you may have written or are in the process of writing. It all helps create a buzz.

Don't worry if you haven't got a Kindle you don't need one to read Kindle books because they have provided a Kindle Reader apps for Windows PC, iPhone, Mac, Blackberry, Android, iPad. You can download it HERE

We will also consider how best you can promote and market your books. 
There is no point having the next 'Big Thing' if nobody knows it' exists!

Next Week we'll take a look at some amazingly successful Kindle authors and the Free Formatting  Software.

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